Content Service

SmartOn partners with leading Universities & Educational Institutes to help them design, develop and deliver the 21st century higher education, online.

Online Course Development is both science an art. It is the result of true collaboration amongst various stakeholders. Team SmartOn brings the necessary expertize and insight required for creating successful online programs for your University.

Online Course Development Process

SmartOn is driven by research, consumer insights and embracing the industry best practices. The company employ the proprietary "SmartOn Online Course Development Framework" that addrss the critical factors required to develop high quality online courses.

The goal is to make the online student experience richer that the traditional class-room experience.

SmartOn's Online Course Development Framework

  • Course Seeding
  • Research & Benchmarking
  • Identification of Performance Objectives
  • Development of Learning Assets
  • Integration into Learning Management System
  • Evaluation & Regular Update

Online Course Components

Online content development is much more than simply digitizing your existing courseware.

SmartOn focus on various aspects to create a comprehensive and wholesome experience to your online learners.

SmartOn's Online Course Components

  • Audio Visual Tutorials - Core learning materials in the form of interactive tutorials in various engaging formats.
  • Projects - To facilitate learning-by-doing and application of knowledge. These will be in the form of project workbooks, expert guides and templates.
  • Live Webinars - Live lectures and seminars conducted by industry experts and practitioners covering topics around application, best practices, industry trends and case studies.
  • Supplemental Learning Materials - Curated content in the form of industry reports, web articles, white papers and videos.
  • Discussion Forums - To facilitate and promote peer-to-peer learning.
  • Assessments - Formative & summatiev assessments at the end of key topics and graded assessments at the end of the course.

Why SmartOn

The Benefits of SmartOn Content Services

  • Collaborative Approach: SmartOn team collaborats with your faculty, external subject matter experts ("SMEs") to bring your curriculum into high-quality, engaging electronic formats that enhance the learning experience for students.
  • Global Team: SmartOn team follow a global resourcing model; learning statistics, instructional designers and SMEs are based in the U.S. The project managers, technical & content writers, developers and Grapahic & Multimedia dssigners are based in India.
  • Full Service Education Services: SmartOn offers full service solutions required for online learning development & delivery through the technology platform Easle and the other innovative technology enabled solutions in marketing and student support.