Marketing Service

SmartOn partners with leading Universities & Educational Institutes to help them design, develop and deliver the 21st century higher education, online.

SmartOn provide full-service, innovative marketing solutions to enable your vision and further your mission in education sector.

How Education Marketing Evolved

Marketing is no longer about branding and advertising but it is about reaching the right customer through multiple channels leveraging technology. Traditional marketing needs to be supplmented with organic and digital maketing.

The goal is to make the online student experience richer that the traditional class-room experience.

How It Works

In addition to its Easle, the learning platform, SmartOn also offers a suite of technology-enabled marketing services that support the entire education lifecycle to improve enrollments and retention. SmartOn identify and attract qualified students on behalf of educational institutes and drive applications to your programs.

SmartOn's Role

  • Marketing Entry Strategy: SmartOn has unique capabilities in identifying the most captial efficient ways of establishing your online offering including identifying the right programs and identifying right partners.
  • Technology Enabled Marketig: Traditional educational institutes do not have a core-company in search marketing. SmartOn has extensive capabilities in marketing via organic and paid search channel optimization.
  • Conseling & SUpport: SmartOn not only generate the most relevant leads and potential applicants for a program but also helps you to counsel the students to ensure conversions.

SmartOn Differentiated Approach

The SmartOn Approach

  • Dedicated team of over 50 education digital marketing professionals offering full-service marketing solutions.
  • Highly sophisticated innovative education marketing and student acquisition solutions leveraging In-bound markting; SmartOn generate 33% of student enrollments from organic channels.
  • Full suite of cutting edge marketing technology platforms as part of the offering.