Technology Service

SmartOn partners with leading Universities & Educational Institutes to help them design, develop, and deliver 21st century higher education, online.

The company provide full-service, innovative online educational solutions. Your success is important to the company; SmartOn help you enable your vision and further your mission.


  • SmartOn offers integrated, cloud-based learning and career management platform ("Easle") for 21st-century educational institutions and learners.
  • With SmartOn's world-class platform, educational institutions can foray into online education in a matter of weeks and extend their online delivery capabilities beyond traditional means.
  • Students can access web-based education or leveraging their mobile devices and learn at their own pace and place.

Key Feature

  • Pre Learning: Our platform helps educational institutions with student enrollment and on-boarding.
  • Core Learning: In addition to the Learning Management System, Easle also offers live online classes, social & mobile learning, and student dashboard.
  • Administration: Course creation, analytics, and scheduling.


  • Affordable: No significant investment in resources and capital expenditures needed by the educational institution.
  • One-stop solution: No need to deal with multiple vendors and technologies.
  • Built for Tomorrow: Robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, industry best practices with social and mobility as the core focus.

Introducing EASLE

Easle is SmartOn’s proprietary cloud-based learning and career management platform for the 21st century educational institutions and learners. Easle is a world-class platform that helps extend an institution’s capabilities beyond traditional means.

With Easle, institutions can foray into online learning in a matter of weeks while students can enjoy web/mobile-based access to learning resources.

Easle integrates its powerful native features with Canvas, world’s leading open source learning management system to bring the best learning experiences for the students.

Easle provides institutions with the most effective and flexible solution for handling every aspect of the online learning process. The system is designed to facilitate social & mobile learning to deliver top-notch experience for the greater success of your students.